Git Manager not loading

OS info

  • Operating System : Mac OSX 18.7.0
  • Wappler Version : 3.2.2

Problem description

Trying to create local GIT repository. I go to the Git Manager, but it just hangs on ‘Loading…’ and then the Wappler app becomes unresponsive and needs to be shut down.

Steps to reproduce

  1. open project
  2. click on Git Manager (82.8 KB)

As a FYI - I just created a brand new project, to see if it was an intermittent issue - I then intended on copying over all of the files - but the Git Manager did not load even on a brand new project, either and again caused Wappler to hang and crash.

Btw the issue is related to the github credentials. Seems they are not supply Ed initially when you added the remote repository? Usually a login dialog should also popup when the git manager panel is visible but maybe it was hidden.

@patrick will improve that

I don’t think so - I just created a brand new project, I haven’t added a remote repo.

I created a brand new project on NodeJS. Updated everything, then I go to Git Manager to add my repo and it hangs and crashes.

Oh the only think I saw in the debug log above was a request for credentials to github for your repo, are you sure it is the same case?


So I thought it might just be intermittent, so I created a brand new project, again NodeJS, Docker Hosting.

Deployed to docker the blank project, everything working perfectly.

Go to the GitManager (with the hope that I can now create local git) - exactly the same issue, it just hangs and then crashes on a brand new project with no git setup.

Could you add another debug log of doing just that? Also what was the exact crash a loading spinner of the git manager panel or complete Wappler closedown crash?

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Ok, I’ll do that in a second.

No loading spinner - it just freezes - if I try to close it normally, it won’t actually close so I have to force close Wappler. If I don’t force close - then it eventually just crashes and closes on it’s own.

Well let’s try the next update first - a lot of changes in the underling git core has been done, so it should solve all those problems.

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Great, fingers crossed. Thanks George!

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@George just bumping this to let you know that the problem still exists, even after the updates.

Does the problem still exist in Wappler 3.3.2?

Hi Patrick. It does, yes