General questions on Wrappler on app, data and usage

Yes you can switch from framework as you wish.

Should be possible. However we advise to use Framework7 core - together with our own App Connect data bindings front-end framework that is very similar to reactJS, Vue or Angular - but much easier to use and all visual!

Yes that is possible. With Wappler you usually have a web back-end (a separate site just for the API). Where you use our back-end framework Server Connect that runs on any web server with PHP, `` ASP.NET``` or even Classic ASP. There you can do all your database connectivity to any database you wish, SQLite, MySQL, MS SQL, PostgreSQL

Our Server Connect is a JSON base API provider, but if you also need to connect to external API's - we have a wide support for those with our API Connector for both server side or client side (also mobile)

Well that should be possible also with our API connector

We use cordova and its tools for app building now integrated. But you can use any other tools you want. there is a command line terminal build in.

If any build tools are commonly requested - we can also consider to integrate them in the visual workflow

Well just as usual - you install them and use them.

Fastlane is an interesting project that is currently Mac only - but soon it will be Windows and Linux.
You can already use it as you wish in the built-in terminal and when it is more popular we can see for more general integration.

As a general note - we have a very intensive weekly updates containing many new additions and features every week. So what is not in place but frequently requested can be soon built-in :slight_smile: