Framework 7 and Dynamic App



Following this thread How to add dynamic data to a mobile app? I am still not able to add a database to a framework 7 mobile app I added my target:

Then I followed the steps in the documentation but I get this message

What am I missing here?


You need to create a new project - separate from the mobile app. Define all the database actions there.
Then, in the mobile app project when you add a server connect component in app connect tree and point to your other project and select the actions from there


You have to build all your server actions in a separate project. And then add them to your app from that project. So in other words you need two projects to build one app.

  • Your App Project
  • Project with all your database connections.


Ok created a new project but I still get the same message started a fresh empty one, would it be that my localhost is a vagrant LAMP server?

I am on a Mac Pro
using Vagrant scotchbox as webserver


Got it working after closing wappler and opening it again not sure what fixed it I was able to add the database now thank you


Did you also “activate” the target as the message says? Select it in the toolbar below …

Also although localhost will work for local testing - if you are making an app that will be published on Apple App Store and Google Play Store - obviously this app needs to connect to a live API site published somewhere on the web and can’t connect to your localhost …