Formatter toString displays as [object Object]

Wappler Version:v5.0.3
Operating System:win10

I have a table with a column like this:
<td dmx-text="(Retail * 4.5).round(2).toString().replace('.', ',')"></td>

I replace the comma with a point since that’s the format where I live, but since I couldn’t do that to a number I had to first change it to string and that causes an issue since the last update…

Instead of displaying it as you’d expect it shows this:

It doesn’t deal with the value showing as Object… using .toString() but you could use the .formatNumber() formatter, on the numeric value, which can round to x decimal places and set the separator (decimal) as a comma:

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oh that basically does the same thing with just one command, nice!
Yeah it doesn’t deal with the bug but it does fix the issue I’m having

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@patrick Issue exists in Wappler 5.1.1
Simple expression 5.toString() returns [object Object] instead of numeric value as string.
The issue also exists for string values - 'abc'.toString() returns the same.

Here an update that should fix the toString formatter. (26.6 KB)

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That works. Thanks.

Fixed in Wappler 5.1.4

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