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Hello I am trying to send form data to email as detailed in the tutorial here [](http://Form to email) . I have reached the point where I have to Change the handler to DMXzone Server Connect: but I dont see any Handler field in the form properties to select. When I ignore that bit also, the form doesnt work.


We changed that a few versions back - we converted the handler menu to “Make Server Action Form” button and then you select your server action.
But from what i see you already clicked the “Make server action form” button and selected the server action.

What exactly does not work?


i AM NOT RECEIVING any emails when i submit the form


What settings are you using for mail setup?
Please check this tutorial for debugging problems with server actions and report the error you see (if any):


YAAAYYY… working now…


What have you changed?


After you clarified the HANDLER issue, I checked the form again and realised I had placed the SUBMIT button outside the form. I also set the mailer type to server default and retested. Now I need a way to inform the user that the form was successfully sent.


Hi enyonam, you will find your answer in this tutorial:



Thanks a mill. I was able to do this too.

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