Form Group do not show up as Form Groups in App Structure

OS info

  • Operating System : Mac OSX 17.5.0
  • Wappler Version : 1.0.0

Problem description

When adding a Select Form Group to a form it just enters the select element in the App Structure. It does enter the proper code however. But this prevents further form groups from being added.

Screenshot shows what is in app panel and what is selected in code.

Note: This is not in a modal, just on a regular page.

Further testing and looking closer at the code it appears that adding form groups in a card or tab panel adds the new form group outside the form tag. Moving the form tag to after the inserted element corrects the problem.

So it seems its the same issue as adding form fields in a fluid-container.

Can you explain step by step what exactly are the steps to reproduce this?

1: Add a form to a card body (card may have to be inside a tabbed panel?)
2: Add a form Group (Adding first form group works)
3: Be sure Form group is selected in App Structure
4: Use the ‘+’ to add a new form group after the first one

Any new form groups are added outside the form tag

I should add that it is not limited to Select form groups … on further testing it is any form group.

Brad could you make a movie to see what exactly are you doing? As no matter what I do it works all fine.

If I have another form to do. I think the rest of the forms I have to build are in Modals. Which in this build is still a bug.

Well I tried in modals also … it seems all fine. So a video will be really nice to track the issue

Here you go …

Simple form in a modal.

1: Select first form group.
2: Click on + to add new form group after
3: Notice it is not in the App Structure
4: Switch to code view and see that it has added the form group outside the form tag (14.6 MB)

Happens 100% of the time. Same when the form is inside a card.

Well no matter what I do it goes all well, see my video:

Bootstrap4_form_groups.mp4 (1.9 MB)

Maybe it is fixed in your version? I imagine you are using the latest versions?

well maybe :slight_smile:

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Please download and install v 1.0.1 and try again:

This issue is actually worse now in a modal.

I thought modal issues were suppose to be fixed. :frowning:

I can confirm and tested this again - the form and form groups work fine in modals on my computer as well.

Well, they absolutely don’t on mine. Building forms is an absolute disaster.

So what is worse/not working now?
Can you test on a new page also?

I did a complete uninstal and re-install of Wappler and this is working as should. Seems like installing about 20+ versions (since beta 1) of Wappler on top of each other caused issues.

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