Wappler 1.0.1 available now

Wappler 1.0.1 Released

What’s New

It’s being a busy week in Wappler’s office! So much great feedback and positive reactions to the official release of Wappler!

Thank you all for your support and contributions! Wappler community is growing fast!

We tackled most of the reported issues and also greatly improved the subscriptions and purchasing process based on your feedback!

Oh yes and another great news Wappler is now also fully available on Linux as native app! Go Linux Go :slight_smile:
So power up your Ubuntu 16+ Desktop (even if it is in a Virtual Machine) and give it a go!

Here is an overview of the improvements and fixes:


  • Now your profile shows your active subscription and duration
  • You can now disable or enable back auto renewal
  • You can now also Upgrade your subscription plan if you need more powerful one
  • Greatly improved purchasing process


  • Wappler now available on Linux
  • Included App Connect Preloader extension

DOM Tree

  • Added Dynamic Attributes, Dynamic Events and Static events to the DOM Tree inspector. Note active only when App Connect is used
  • Added Inner Text field to the DOM Tree inspector for the inner text of a tag


  • Fixed the focus for Data Bindings Picker during design view inline text edit
  • Close current project before deleting it.
  • Fixed target refreshing after editing project options
  • Fixed the add in the Query Variables editor
  • Fixed adding elements after the current one when it is the last child.
  • Fixed empty Server Action chooser for ASP.NET
  • Fixed add before in the DOM Tree
  • Fixed inline text editing for buttons

Superb! Thank you George, this is a really great addition!


will there be an auto update option or will i need to download every week?

Yes an auto update is coming in the next update.

Will it be optional - and will it be possible to revert to the previous version?

Are there any plans to add some standard templates for businesses that are not real estate? It sure would be helpful for us who are not up to speed with web design and programming.

Maybe some third party company will get into the Wappler template business?

when is the next update planned?

@cchesnet - it is planned for today,

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