Flow Editor Window Resize Bug

Wappler Version : 4.0.0
Operating System : Windows 10 Pro 64bits 21H1
Server Model: Node.JS
Database Type: PostgreSQL
Hosting Type: Local

Expected behavior

Maximize the Flow Editor window without losing everything done until then.

Actual behavior

Maximize the Flow Editor window will clear out every single action step inserted until then. If you are editing an existing flow, the previous saved steps will be retained.

How to reproduce

  1. Insert a button, and then add a dynamic “Click” event;
  2. Create an action with the Flow Editor;
  3. Start a super complex flow of actions;
  4. In some point, think that everything is becoming too squeezed, and that you need more space to work;
  5. Maximize the window;
  6. Lose everything and start again.

Additional notes

This is one of the most annoying bugs I’ve found until now (my second Pro month), and I’m pretty sure that this behavior exist since my first 7-day trial A YEAR ago. For sure I’ve lost A LOT of time in re-working 2 or 3 super complex flows, until I get used to it.

I was waiting the 4.0.0 stable to see if the bug remains, and then report.

NEW TO 4.0.0: differently of 3.9.9, now you can’t return the window to non-maximized size, because the window controls (maximize and close) will be hidden by the new window structure.

If you’re going to visit this issue, please make this window resizable. Although maximize (working properly) is better than no resize option at all, on an ultrawide monitor the action steps will be exaggeratedly displaced to the left.

Do you mean the page editor popup or the app flows tab editor?

Maybe add a screenshot

Hi, George.

The “Flow Editor” window. Not exactly a tab…

Created a simple conditional for a button.

After maximizing, the flow is cleared. Have to do it all over again. For a simple conditional it’s piece of cake. For a more complex and full of logic flow, it’s a good reason to shut everything down and go out for a run.

And the title bar of the Flow Editor window is behind the main editor window title bar. Therefore, no more “restore” or “close” window buttons.

Again, this window should be resizable. Even full of actions, the window content it’s over concentrated on the left on ultrawide monitors, witch requires neck turning. Sometimes it’s even hard to read, due the size/color of the font and the distance from the top left of the display and the eyes.

Well, ok… maybe I need some glasses too… :man_shrugging:t2:

Fixed in Wappler 4.0.1. Fullscreen button has been removed from the modal dialogs as it does not match our new UI.

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