Flow Editor sometimes doesn't save changes after editing

I’ve encountered a couple of cases when Flow Editor doesn’t save changes after editing. I click “Save”, the window closes as usual, but changes are lost.

I can’t specify exact conditions when it happens yet.
At least it happens sometimes with Page Flow. I’m not sure about other components.

I’m currently on 4.6.4. I think I haven’t seen this bug on previous builds.
UPD: But also, I don’t usually update Wappler right after. So maybe bug is caused by some changes in more previous versions, like 4.6.2 or 4.6.3

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Yes. I saw this in the past and never found out exactly what was happening… it wasn’t consistent enough to reproduce as a bug!

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Antony, do you mean you saw this recently (in the last month) or earlier?

No, 9-12 months ago.

I noticed this a couple of times too version 4.6.4. One thing which causes this consistently is

  1. Add action scheduler
  2. In on tick flow add API Action
  3. In API Action get schema, save it.
  4. It will close the whole flow without saving

Others are inconsistent. Lately i save after every step to reduce effort if flow does not save

Yes happened many times. Not even, but sometimes in case when we select any formatter also.

Yep, I’ve been seeing this as well. Trying to get a log report. For me it seems to be when editing, not creating.

This was a very old bug that we have resolved back than.

But if you can supply exact replication instructions, we can check it again. Might be some edge case.

Usuall this is related of the current selection and if you have selected something else before going back to the flow editor.

Fixed in Wappler 5.1.1

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