Fleet and logistics control. 100% made with Wappler

Thank you Wappler for being wonderful, I would never be able to do this alone on schedule
A project of
BRL 45,000 thousand reais delivered in 62 days

Thank you so much Wappler team for making this amazing tool



Dark Mode local storage

Off-line Sync


Google Drive API


Fuzzy Search

Digital Signature

Socket ( suer on-line off-line )

Google Directions

My youtube channel Wappler Brasil


So beautiful and advanced as well. Congrats!

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Well done Adriano! Looks great!

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Awesome, looks amazing! Did you use any bootstrap templates at all, or is this all designed by you?

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This looks excellent. How did you do the off-line sync?


Really good, well done.
I would love to understand the functionality a bit more.
Also, how did you achieve the dark / light mode change?


Hi, good job @AdrianoLuiz !! really nice apis integration with Wappler.
Correct me if I’m wrong you used the Vuexy template, I used it in two different projects it is very stylized and has very good documentation.
@UKRiggers here u got the documentation and a demo dashboard https://pixinvent.com/demo/vuexy-html-bootstrap-admin-template/landing/ With this template its very easy to do the day night mode. Currently it is not compatible with bootstrap 5 but I do not doubt that they will release a new version soon.


I used a ready-made theme


that’s right very good theme, Everything goes perfectly with Wappler

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Thanks :slight_smile:

Thanks, Adriano, good to know that pixinvent HTML version works well with Wappler

Great work!!!

Looks awesome :vulcan_salute:

Looks really great @AdrianoLuiz :+1:
Would really like to get some insights on offline syncing stuff.

@AdrianoLuiz Amazing and very inspiring!!

So it is relatively simple to integrate the theme into a Wappler Node js ESJ templated app ?

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I would also like to understand how this is actually done. I know that here it is explained:

but I don’t know if it reflects the whole process.

As long as it is 100% pure Bootstrap you won’t have problems.

People tend to confuse the actual theme with the example pages. The theme is just CSS and as long as it follows BS guidelines there shouldn’t be any problem.

What people find problematic is trying to make example pages built with the theme in Wappler. App Connect browser might not recognize the structures used in the example page because they are not standard. And you also have to deal with jquery and vanilla js libraries that they use in those example pages to make it all look peachy.

Apart from that. Easy Peasy.

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For this reason there are better custom themes (compatible with Wappler) than others. From above I gather that the pure Bootstrap themes from pixinvent are OK, any opinions on the contrary?

I can’t speak about them as I haven’t tried them.

If you wan’t to get out of doubt just grab the css file from their site, copy and paste the html from one of their example pages, throw them into Wappler and test it.

Don’t forget to buy a license if you intent to use it for something more than a simple test :wink: