First Wappler User Gathering - This Friday 4-6pm CET - CAN YOU INDICATE YOUR INTEREST LEVEL PLEASE?

Hello fellow Wapplers…

Thanks for your feedback about the User Gatherings! So based on what you have said, I have modified the date/time for our gathering next week… see the title here and the details below.

If you want to join in, could you please reply below so I have an idea of numbers.

I don’t have any volunteers yet for the presentations… would some of you be willing to step forward maybe slightly beyond your comfort zone to contribute?

Here are a few suggestions! :sunglasses:

  • @George to talk about Wappler 3.0?
  • @JonL, would you be willing to talk about the general issues in database migration?
  • Is there an experienced Navicat user out there who would talk about migration with Navicat?
  • Does anyone have experience of any other system or method which may bring other perspectives on database migration? (@kfawcett, @mebeingken, @Dave …? :slight_smile:)

I want to create an environment where everyone’s ideas and experience are okay to share. I know we can feel there is always someone who knows more and we may fear they criticise our opinion… but it is important these gatherings are be based on respecting each other and feeling safe within our own knowledge so we can all to grow and learn.

Depending on who comes forward and what they want to present, I’ll modify the agenda accordingly.

Really looking forward to be with many of you on Friday,

Best wishes,



Friday 15th May, starting at:
UK: 3pm
Central Europe: 4pm
West Coast USA: 7am.
Australia: Probably the middle of the night. :frowning:
[Edit: East Coast: Midnight; West Coast: 9pm :grinning:]

The Big Topic
:rocket: DATABASE MIGRATION! :rocket:
The news of what will be centre stage in Wappler 3.0 is going to bring many questions on a most fundamental topic! So let’s dive in at the deep end with a detailed discussion about the methods available for taking our newly polished test database schema and applying it to our production environment.

I’m looking for 4 people to volunteer to make a 15 minute presentation on the following topics, and then host up to 5 minutes of questions:

• Database Migration - what are the key issues from a simple, new-to-app-building perspective
• Database Migration - Capabilities and Limitation with Navicat
• Database Migration - Capabilities and Limitation with Gh-ost or other systems
• Database Migration - Capabilities and Limitation with Wappler 3.0

Some other key questions

  • Will a Wappler team member be willing to make the Wappler 3.0 presentation, @George ?
  • Does anyone have a paid up Zoom account with break out rooms which we could use?
  • If this day/time doesn’t work for you, could you propose another which does?
  • I’d love to hear all your thoughts and ideas about this new venture!

Best wishes,


Fantastic. Really looking forward to this. It’s in my diary :slight_smile:

If no-one has a paid Zoom account, @brad mentioned Jitsi which looks very good.

Hi Antony,

Unfortunately they are paying me at that time to do other things :stuck_out_tongue:
While I can forum browse I doubt they will see with good eyes my participation in something like this. I also have to be available if they need me for something urgent.

All in all I can’t commit my time during office hours or else really. I have a hectic life :slight_smile:

Good luck though! I truly hope it’s a success.

Unfortunately am in the same boat as JonL right now working crazy hours on a new project as may be seen in my absence recently. We have had to make major changes to operations to stay afloat here but we struck upon gold. Without Wappler we would be facing some real issues as development pace would be insufficient to compete. Having Wappler at our disposal is powering our recovery! Maybe in a few weeks we could discuss how Wappler has helped save our business by reducing development costs and timelines…? Also we use dbForge Studio here, and have done for years, so Navicat is not my area of expertise… Saying that it’s much of a muchness as they are all similar in their usage scenarios. Could probably find a few similarities to compare against and discuss…

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Flattered by the shoutout Antony, but this just isn’t my method of learning or sharing my experiences. I enjoy learning and helping in the forum and have been missing that part of my day while I juggle a couple of large client projects. Just a couple weeks away from a mobile public launch!

As said in other thread, I have paid amazon chime account. Multi platform, unlimited time, 250 users, rooms and screen sharing if needed

I don’t think we will be able to make a whole presentation. We could just drop in for general Q&A


Could everyone who reads this post please indicate if they:

  1. Would like to come along on Friday.
  2. Can’t come on Friday but would like to come in the future when the date/time/workload is more suitable.
  3. Don’t want to be involved in this kind of thing.


Great idea, looking forward to Friday, I’ll be there :slight_smile:

Sorry, for clarity… Option 1!

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Not sure if I can make it, the intention is there …1

To clarify: lockdown restrictions have been loosened and the kids are planning to come over for the weekend.


Thanks @Antony
Yes - option 1

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I am in in boat number 2.

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I plan to be there - opt 1

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Option 2 for me - Hopefully you can record it @Antony so those of us that can’t make it could watch it back at a a later date?


option 2.
would prefer to join in on weekend next time, if it suits all.

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I’d be in for a 1

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  1. Depends if i have cleared the days “must do” workload.
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Option 1 & 2 for reference

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Option 2 for me (Australia…middle of the night sounds about right)