Wappler User Gatherings on Zoom! - Proposal for First Gathering on Thursday 14th May

Hello fellow Wapplers…

Well after some time thinking about this, I have decided I would like to be the catalyst for starting some real, live and interactive Wappler User Gatherings on Zoom.

The General Proposal

We meet every 2 weeks, probably varying the specific day and time on each occasion to fit in as many people as possible.

We have a 2 hour format, which is broken into 3-4 specific Sections each of around 20-30 minutes.

The first Section is generally about us all getting to know each other more… then the following sections are deep diving into the topic at hand. There is a short wrap-up section at the end.

Call Management
Someone on the call is acting like the chair person to manage the proceedings, keeping things on time and making sure there is fairness and balance in the interactions. I have a fair amount of experience in doing this, and am happy to take on this role initially.

The First Gathering

Here is my proposal!

I propose the first gathering is on Thursday 14th May, starting at:
UK: 8pm
Central Europe: 9pm
West Coast USA: 12pm midday.
Australia: Hopefully not too early in the morning! :slight_smile:

The Big Topic
:rocket: DATABASE MIGRATION! :rocket:
The news of what will be centre stage in Wappler 3.0 is going to bring many questions on a most fundamental topic! So let’s dive in at the deep end with a detailed discussion about the methods available for taking our newly polished test database schema and applying it to our production environment.

I’m looking for 4 people to volunteer to make a 15 minute presentation on the following topics, and then host up to 5 minutes of questions:

• Database Migration - what are the key issues from a simple, new-to-app-building perspective
• Database Migration - Capabilities and Limitation with Navicat
• Database Migration - Capabilities and Limitation with Gh-ost
• Database Migration - Capabilities and Limitation with Wappler 3.0

Some other key questions

  • Will a Wappler team member be willing to make the Wappler 3.0 presentation, @George ?
  • Does anyone have a paid up Zoom account with break out rooms which we could use?
  • If this day/time doesn’t work for you, could you propose another which does?
  • I’d love to hear all your thoughts and ideas about this new venture!

Best wishes,


Sounds like a fun and great idea. I would be in!

that’s 2PM CST Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri!

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Sounds great to me. Well done with organising it. Count me in, too :slight_smile:

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Just a small tip - Thursday is our peak day, so if you want the Wappler team also to join try Friday afternoon EU time :slight_smile:


Thanks for the tip George… we’d love you to be involved! :slight_smile:

Love to join in. Thanks for taking the leap of faith :grin:

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George, would 1600-1800 your time on a Friday work okay?


Last thing on a Friday afternoon sounds perfect to me.

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yes perfect - put some global time link so everybody can see what local time that is.

Do you have paid zoom account? to host a zoom meeting?

As the free one is just for 40 mins

They are giving extra time at present with Covid. Once you get past 40 mins, a pop up tells you you have more time on Zoom. However whether you want to trust this happening is another thing.

My experience with Zoom is they do that just for the first call you host. It gets to about 35 mins and then gives you the popup. Then, at the end you might get another popup saying your next one will be extended, too, but you need to schedule it there and then. If you’ve already hosted a Zoom then you won’t get the extension again.

We use Jitsi … it’s free and unlimited. No account needed.

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We’d be interested to join as well. What date/time is finalised?

I have an Amazon chime account if useful. Unlimited time, up to 250 users, availble on pretty much any platform. You can download a client or just run it in a browser.
EDIT: Also supports rooms and screen sharing