Filter columns doesn't show any column to filter on Database Single Query

Wappler 5.0.1
NodeJS + PostgreSQL


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Filter columns doesn’t show any column to filter

A single query is not a collection(does not return an array) so that you won’t see any columns there.

Oh, ok, can I use something else instead? (apart from doing a 2nd query without the columns I want)

What’s your idea? To return just some of the columns of a single query?

Inside a Server Action I fetch all columns of a table so I can do stuff with it, but I don’t want to reveal all columns to the user on the SC API response

You can use Set Value steps after the query and output only the columns you need. So - a set value step per column :slight_smile:

Sounds like it’s easier to just do a 2nd query haha

I’ve opened a feature request to add support for non-arrays:


I just posted a bug about this not realizing it’s a “feature”. @Apple commented on it with this link and one to the feature request. I voted for the feature request. Perhaps a checkbox that when checked, returns an array instead. I used to use explode() in php functions for this purpose.

For now I am just using a multiple record query and then I replace the the desired columns with encrypted versions of the data for output.