File Upload Fails Due to Permission Denied

Good Day Wappler Experts, Followed excellent step by step instructions here Uploading Single File To Your Server but upload fails due to Permission denied. Using phpMyAdmin on Cpanel Managed VPS Server. Your guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thank You In Advance!

Check the permissions (chmod) on the folder. It looks like that won’t allow sub-folders to be created. You can do this either via FTP or using the file manager in cPanel.

Thank You for your prompt response! Permissions are 0755.

That should be fine. Maybe temporarily change it to 777 and see if that fixes it. Don’t leave it like that, though! That would at least confirm if it’s the permissions or the script.

Thanks for the chmod confirmation on 0755 sitestreet. Unfortunately I need to leave the keyboard but will get back if there is still an issue. The Wappler Community ROCKS!

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Aloha Wapplers, My bad I think, I failed to upload an empty folder to receive the upload to the server.