File Manager does not auto refresh on external file/folder changes

OS info

  • Operating System : Windows 6.1.7601
  • Wappler Version : 2.0.0-beta.2

Problem description

When I add or delete a file outside of Wappler, for instance if I delete a file in Windows Explorer, the changes are not reflected inside Wappler in the File Manager Menu. Can you guys add functionality whether it is an automatic refresh or even a manual button click or something to allow us to refresh the list of files in the Files Menu if/when we have made file additions or deletions outside of the Wappler platform.

Or if there is already a way to do this, I guess I am missing it, and couldn’t find anything on it in the Wappler community docs.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Open a project in Wappler
  2. Add or delete some files from the project outside of the Wappler software
  3. Return to Wappler and take a look at the File Manager files list. For me the changes are not shown.
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This only happens if you already have Wappler open. If you start Wappler after you have deleted or in some way changed the files the changes will show in Wappler. If Wappler was open you simply need to close it and re-open it.

But my question out of curiosity would be that if you already have Wappler open why do you need to open the OS File Manager to delete files when you can do it right in Wappler?

Having said that a refresh button like on the remote folders would be nice. But I think it would be more of a feature request.

Also if you “Save As” the files are not refreshed either and you have to quit and restart to refresh the file list

(I know this question wasn’t directed at me, but…)
One important difference is that using the OS File Manager will move deleted files to the Trash/Recycle Bin; if you delete from within Wappler, they’re gone for good (AFAIK).

I also find it quicker to make copies of files (eg for temporary backup purposes) by switching to the OS File Manager. An option to make a copy of a file in Wappler would be very useful (as opposed to opening a file, Save As, choosing a name, closing the file, reopening the original file…). It takes less than second in File Manager (vs. quite a few seconds in Wappler).

File Manager automatically reloads when new files are added/deleted to folders that it displays.
I just checked again and it is refreshing just fine to me when I add new files with Windows Explorer for example.

We keep special file watches for this.

if this is not working for you - can you make a sort video to see what do you mean exactly?

Hi George
Video attached.

This can be an intermittent bug

saveissue.mp4 (1.7 MB)

As you say, it’s an intemittent bug. At the moment, it’s working fine for me - whether I use Save As, within Wappler or use Windows File Explorer. The other day it was behaving exactly as in your video.

I don’t think this used to be a problem. However, it has always been a problem in Server Connect. Files created externally have never appeared automatically, but clicking the ‘refresh’ button updates the list (which isn’t an option in App Connect’s file manager). Unfortunately, doing this also resizes the panels to their default settings, so extra fiddling around is needed.

On the rare occasions I used Dreamweaver, I’m reminded of how easy it was to use as far as dealing with files is concerned. (There are some very useful select file/right-click options which I would love to see in Wappler too.)

Yes, a file refresh button would be useful.

I seem to see this problem most when a project has been newly opened.

seems some kind of rare situation indeed. I checked the same and it is working fine to me.

Try to reproduce it with debug log on and send us the debug log

(Removed my last post because it was a ‘user error’ :blush:)
All’s working fine for me.

Same here, nothing in the file manager refreshes automatically since a few versions ago. I have to close Wappler and start it again. Sometimes there are even two of every file after restarting. I’m on a mac and use Wappler 2.1.2. I will have to install version 1.9 or something so that I can continue working. Hopefully this will get fixed soon.

The only problem we are aware of is when saving externally ot save as new file in your project root, might not refresh directly.

See also:

this was fixed in Wappler 2.1.5