Field name issue

I am starting to identify some db_col names that I should not use with server connect.

I have a select field and this does not work, but if i change the name to something else it works…


also found there are some issues of using numeric values at the start of a id name like 105dir vs dir105

Could you please be a little more specific explaining the issue? It’s not clear what exactly do you mean.

I have just posted about exactly this earlier @Teodor complete with sample code and video


IDs cannot start with a number, they must start with a letter and then a number can follow.

My case seems to be that I can not have my database field name be called ‘status’ for the dynamic select to work. It works with any other db field name, why?

Probably you have some dynamic value/binding/server action on the page using this name, If you provide a link to your page we will be able to check what’s wrong there.

Maybe it is just a reserved work issue, status is listed as a reserved word lInk to words here. I do try to avoid them as i have had issues in the past but fell into the trap with a server connection name from app connect.

this is what I was thinking but could not prove, thanks for the link to the list.