Form select (dropdown). Not showing dynamic values and static values not deleting

Done this loads of times and never had a problem but now this wont work.
Have another select on this page which works so that just adds to my confusion
Basically i have an update form on which i want to add a select (dropdown) form control.
I have created a server connection, verified it works by adding a table to the page above the form and added the dynamic links to the form control

Having two issues

  1. dynamic values are not displaying in the control
  2. Old static entries will not delete without doing so from code view

Video attached and link to page is here
selectissue.mp4 (19.2 MB)

Could this be related to the use of the word “Status”?
It’s not a reserved word specifically but may be a term causing conflict?

Sorry about troubling you all, I have resolved the problem. Calling a server connection within app connect with the name Status seemed to break everything. Renamed everything to remove the term Status resolved the issue but only when i renamed the serverconnection within appconnect (which was of course the last thing i did)
So not a bug as such, just a thing to watch out for

I actually ran into this yesterday. If you used the trash can to delete all the static values they seem to come back. Deleteng them one at a time worked for me.

Yes, so excited dynamic issue resolved I forgot about the deletion problem.