Erlen-Verein/Tierpark Lange Erlen Website


This week we present you yet another website built by Andre Bender - @swf.
That’s the new website of Tierpark Lange Erlen and Erlen-Verein Basel. The site has been completely redesigned and developed with a responsive, modern new look, so it looks great on any device.

The site features many of Wappler tools - slideshows, masonry grids, navigation, video player, many of the bootstrap 4 components, animations. The data is being present on the front-end thanks to App Connect and Server Connect.

On the back-end - advanced, yet easy to use CMS and Intranet System are integrated, so the administrators can update the content on every page.

Congrats Andre, your work is a great inspiration for our community!


Well done @swf - looks great! Very interactive and dynamic!

You really should approach more Zoo sites and remake their shitty wordpress template based sites - they look awful …

Like the one here close by, in Nordhord, Germany, we often go there but the web site is really bad.


Thanks George :slight_smile:

This is really neat. How is the navbar made translucent? How is it overlaid on the slide show?

The navbar is positioned absolutely, that’s why it covers the slideshow below.
The background is set to:

#header-top-bar {
    background: rgba(0,0,0,0.3);

That’s why it’s semi-transparent.