ENV variables -- dynamic data picker not functioning

The dynamic data picker doesn’t appear to work, clicking on them does nothing. I tried restarting Wappler several times.

As a temporary workaround, you could open dbConn.json using a code editor (such as Visual Studio Code) and manually fill the fields with the dynamic expression to read from $_ENV:


P.S.: Typing such expression directly in the Wappler UI is unlikely to work - unless done through the Data Binding Picker/Dynamic Data Picker (which isn’t working per your bug report)

What version of Wappler are you using and what OS? What server model?

I just tested this with the latest 5.1.5 on Windows 11 and MacOS 12.6 and the dynamic data picker works fine.

Hi, I’m using version 5.2.0 running on Windows 10 Enterprise, version 20H2, build 19042.1889

The picker switch next to the Password field will open the picker, but the other 3 do not (Server address, Database, Username). Using the picker and inserting the password ENV var I created:
results in the connection test failing but that’s another issue I haven’t gotten around to investigating.
Thank you

Thanks for the tip but it didn’t work. I edited dbConn.json, substituting the ENV vars as you indicated but as soon as I switched Targets in the UI those vars were overwritten with the actual server login data. This effectively undid my edits.
Is there something I missed?

We can’t really recreate this issue, the data picker works for all the fields. Maybe you can try reinstalling Wappler.

Just replied to another thread where someone mentioned how to edit a config.json file but I have several of these & don’t kknow which one to edit. Can you identify the file(s) & their path(s)? I’d rather try this first rather than reinstall.
Thank you

You should not edit anything by hand, all should be done through the UI. Please restart Wappler in Debug mode, recreate the issue (not working data picker) and attach the debug log here.

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Sure. How do I “restart in debug mode” and where is the “debug log”?

Well, please check the article i posted.

Sorry didn’t notice it as I’m swamped over here.
There is no such option on the task tray icon see screen shot.

Well right click the icon, located next to the clock in your taskbar :slight_smile:

Found it. It’s in the task bar’s hidden icons.
Created the report:
Data Pickers in Server Data Bindings not working–Bug Report #1666195832058

btw, the debug.log does not exists where indicated in the article.
I found one here and uploaded it: C:\Users\myname\AppData\Local\Wappler but I doubt it’s the one you want.

The debug log should be located at, as explained in the article:

C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Wappler\User Data\chrome_debug.log

It will be created there when you restart Wappler in debug mode and recreate the issue.

I double-checked and there is no “User Data” folder under the “Wappler” folder.
Folders are not being hidden in the view.
Any other place it might be?

I’m sorry, i provided a wrong location for the debug log in Wappler 5. It can be found here:

Make sure to recreate the issue when Wappler restarted in debug mode and just attach this file here, in this topic after that.

Thank you. Here are the files:
report1666273048071.zip (37.0 KB)
wappler.zip (1.9 KB)

This issue has been fixed in Wappler 5.2.1 - all should be fine now.

The picker now opens up the bindings selection dialog but after selecting a ENV var and then clicking ‘select’ it does not go back into the Database Connector dialog. The old plain text value is still there. I restarted Wappler twice after the update.