Enable Unabled Button From Anchor Button

I want to make absolutely sure the registering user has read the conditions of use.
They can see them going into MODAL fired by the anchor button. Works fine.
But I want to disenable the submit button and only when the user presses the anchor button to see the modal will the register button to enable.
I can see how to disenable but not the opposite.
Thanks in advance.

define a variable in the page (say varRead = 0) and use it to set the property of the button to disabled

In the close event of the Modal set the variable to a 1 i.e. varRead = 1

Use the value of that variable to toggle the visibility of the button i.e.


The technique is very similar to this except the condition is different using a variable rather then the .server status

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After 12 hours I just cannot see the wood for the tree,
I have this:
On the button I have

As for the toggler the idea was to use a dynamic event in the modal. If I so much as try the modal stops functioning,

Heres the page, the form works http://www.mycybertherapy.com/Register.php

So far I have found SSI and now this to be hrd learning curves. I worked round SSI by making a sort of widgets for large repeatable code (Footer & Header) But I need to get a handle on visibility





Do you just want to disable a button, until the users select a checkbox?

Yes please
But so I can both understand and reverse engineer.
My problem seems to be on looking at the code I am not sure when there is -== and when =
When “” and when not .
Some things I can work around. The SSI worked a treat and when I got up in the morning it didn’t SO I used saveable code snippets in the assets

I am not sure I understand everything you are saying but if you want to disable a button until someone selects a checkbox:

Click your button.
Add new dynamic attribute.
Input > Disabled
Expression > your checkbox > checked

Add a ! before the expression (manually) so it becomes something like:


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12 minutes to correct 12 hours