Editing Data in Multi Reference Tables

OS info

  • Operating System : Windows 10.0.19045
  • Wappler Version : 5.3.0

Problem description

Cannot manually add or edit data in multi reference.

I created a multi reference in my project yesterday and added one piece of test data just fine. Today when I try to add or edit any data in the multi reference table using the database manager it won’t work. Here is a quick video showing

I can edit/add to normal tables just fine. I have two multi reference tables and I cannot edit/add either. I was able to add to the multi reference table using a server connect form.

I am using a Node JS project and a SQLite database. All done on local.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Right click multi reference in database manager and click view/edit data
  2. Try to add or edit any data

I see this in the console when I try to click on a cell

TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'w2ui') at w2grid.dblClick (file:///C:/Users/EricD/AppData/Local/Wappler/resources/app/Shared/DMXzone/dmxAppCreator/UI/w2ui/w2ui.min.js:7:141435) at w2grid.click (file:///C:/Users/EricD/AppData/Local/Wappler/resources/app/Shared/DMXzone/dmxAppCreator/UI/w2ui/w2ui.min.js:7:129738) at HTMLTableRowElement.onclick (file:///C:/Users/EricD/AppData/Local/Wappler/resources/app/Shared/DMXzone/dmxAppCreator/UI/index.htm?theme=dark:1:62)

Here is the report, I hope I did it correctly.

report1670907588990.zip (67.6 KB)

I have same problem. Experienced this after importing some tables from SQLite directly into development db. Some tables are editable while most are not. Found no other solution than to create table manually with db manager. Anyone found a solution to this?

You can either use https://sqlitebrowser.org/ to edit it or make an admin area on the site with SCRUD workflows to manage it.

I wasn’t able to get it working in Wappler database manager.

This could be something I noticed a while back coming back to light what I found was for some reason multi reference tables couldn’t be directly inserted into the database as they don’t contain a incrementing ID field as soon as I added one all worked fine.

The ID would be a work around as you said server connect forms etc don’t seem to have this issue only the database manager

i did discover the same before i read your solution. Thank you Duh!

Fixed in Wappler 5.4

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