Dynamic Sortable Table

With Wappler you can create responsive, sortable data tables. First, you need to create a server action which contains a database query which will be used as a data source.

In App connect panel add new component:

Open the data menu:

And add server connect component:

Then select your server action, which contains the database query:

Select the server action and click the select button:

We will show you how to store the sort order and direction in URL parameters so that on page refresh they won’t get lost. Add new component:

Open the state management menu:

And add query manager:

Then, define the query parameters:

Click the add new button:

And select add variable:

We call this query parameter - sort. It will be used to store the column we sort the table by:

Then we add another one:

We call it - dir. It will be used to store the sort order (ascending or descending):

Click save:

Then select your server action and in the properties panel, under input parameters, select the dynamic data picker for the sort parameter:

Pick the sort query parameter we just defined(1) and click save(2):

We do the same for the Dir parameter:

Select the dir query parameter for it:

And then click the add button, where you want to insert the table:

Open the generators menu:

And select table generator:

Select your data source:

This is the database query from your server action:

Then, select the table styling options:

Enable the sortable headers option. This way your table headers become sortable on click:

Select the query manager instance, which we created a few steps back:

And set the sort query parameter in the Sort Parameter menu:

Then select the dir query parameter in the Order Parameter menu:

You can remove columns by selecting them and clicking the remove button. You can also double click the header fields, to edit the text. Click a column number and drag it up/down to rearrange columns:

Click Ok in order to insert the table on the page:

You can see your table, with sortable headers directly in design view:

Select the table in App Structure, then click the Run button if you need to edit it. This will bring the UI so you can edit the options.

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This is working well. I just have two complementary questions:
1/ Is it possible to use the Session Storage Manager instead of the query manager to avoid having a page reload and to have a more professional looking url?
2/ how can we set the default sort order and column on page load, before the user does a selection?
Thank you

Using query manager your page doesn't reload. Only the dynamic data on the page reloads.

You can do this in the database query buillder.

Thanks Teodor for your prompt reply, Query manager is the only recommended state manager for table ordering?

Well, the query parameter stores the page/offset value - if you want to share an url pointing to that page, how would you do it if you are using a local storage?

In the web app that I am developing there is no need to share the url on a specific page. Thanks

I need to sort without triggering a server connect reload, any ideas?

(this particular server connect is resource-heavy, so it’s not feasible to reload at every sort attempt)

P.S.: Also interested in the same thing as the user above (don’t need to store store state)

Then you need use the data view component on your page.

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