Dynamic Meta Tag Content

After watching the incredible webinar yesterday, it dawned on me that I had not put any of the meta tag content discussed on my pages.

So, I went to the first page to add it and discovered that my favorite lightning icon wasn’t next to any of the entries.

As many pages are dynamic, I am not able to put static entries for description, title, etc.

Is it possible to do dynamic entries for the meta tag items in the App Structure?

I did do a search through the forum and the only thing I was able to find for a solution was coding it directly into the page.


Click on App in App Structure, then choose Dynamic Attributes and Meta Tags

It’s already possible to add dynamic meta tags to your pages. Select ‘App’ in the app structure, add new dynamic attribute and you will see the meta tags there, so you can bind dynamic data to them.

Sorry Teodor, I replaced my original answer with the correct one/

Right, I saw the description and keywords, but not the rest. (i.e. Open Graph and Twitter)

Unlike Google and modern search engines, Facebook and Twitter cannot read the dynamic meta tags added via app connect (they don’t read JavaScript values)
That’s why we’ve not added these in dynamic attributes.

Three years later, is this still true?

Is what true? :slight_smile:

Facebook and Twitter still not reading dynamic meta tags?