Dropzone doesn't show files, when show thumbnails is disabled

Wappler Version: 6.4.0
Operating System: Windows 11 Pro
Design Framework : BS4
Server Model : PHP

Expected behavior

What do you think should happen?
I should be able to see file name inside the dropzone panel.

Actual behavior

What actually happens?
The file name can not be seen after selecting a file in Dropzone file selector.

Previous bug thread link Which I have mentioned : APP Connect 2.0 - Dropdown(Combobox), Radio Control Groups & DMXCharts are not working properly

Can you explain your issue more detailed?
I can properly see the name of the file in the dropzone in my tests with the latest version:

Have you selected a server action under the form?
I was about to report a dropzone bug but found the issue.
If the form has no action (server connect action) defined, it will throw an error on console and no elements are displayed on the dropzone area.

Could you please try using “Thumbs” unchecked.

This is an already working project and yes the dropzone located inside server connected form.

You should have explained this in your bug report. Please when reporting bugs make sure to explain the problem as clear as possible, as only saying “It doesn’t work” does not really help us identify the issue.

When I check the dropzone thumbs option, I can see the files and their names in dropzone. But when I uncheck the thumbs option and then select the file, nothing changes. No file is added to the dropzone and its image remains completely untouched. File is not added to dropzone. Normally we were seeing our filenames always inside the dropbox.

It never showed files when you disable thumbs. The options are to show thumbs, or you can have your own list of files by using the data bindings.

with old firmware the dropzone works like this

with new firmware dropzone works like this, (remains empty)

How this is possible? Do you have any example of this?

You can use the files array returned by the dropzone as a source for a repeat and then you can bind the file names inside it: