'Drop Zone' type functionality, to build Kanban natively in Wappler

Hey team,

There seems to be a few npm packages for kanban boards, but I always prefer to build with native Wappler functionality. I think if there was a way to introduce a ‘drop zone’ type function, like what Bubble has - then we could build our own Kanban type boards within Wappler natively.

The drop zone would need to be able to trigger actions when an item is moved between them. The UI in an ideal world would allow for drag and drop into these.


This has cropped up - and been requested - several times already:

Draggable / Sortable Elements (26 votes)
Sortable Component in Wappler (8 votes)

Perhaps these topics shoud be merged.

There have been some great suggestions, like these two from @Teodor: