Dream Work Offices (Virtual Offices Rental System ) build with Wappler

Created with Wappler

**I have used security provider and server side / client side components …Administrators can create restricted pages for other users and define various rules for them. **
admins and user can use this page for login … (it is so easy for usage)

Admins can update customer information or add new customers . if the user is authorized, he / she can do.
Updating and adding operations has never been easier. very easyyyy…

My client can add new rooms as he wants. Can add the desired features. I think it would be a long time if I did this coding manually.
Admins or Users can do with page ;

  • add new room
  • can create campaing
  • can disable or activate room
  • can upload images for room
  • can add comments
  • cann add extra discount

Yes this is my booking page …

set the date range you want and get available rooms …
select your room and click to Confirm Button (Rezerve Et)
Thats it !
Wappler query builder and all client side components really fantastic…

Thank you Wappler and Wappler Team … !
and wappler community users :slight_smile:


looking great :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you :slight_smile: @mrbdrm

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Great work @s.alpaslan ! Maybe you can add some explanations to the screenshots. Like where you used which Wappler components and easy it was. :slight_smile:

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Thank you @George,

I’ve used a lot of wappler components. All very good and fast.

  • App connect Bootstrap 4
  • App connect Animation
  • App connect Data Formatter
  • App connect Form Validator
  • App connect Alerts
  • App connect Paging Generator
  • App connect Form Generator
  • App connect Table Generator
  • Server Connect *

Thanks wappler. My client is also very happy.
I’ve even started working for Android and IOS. :slight_smile:

Yes I know you used all this components - but maybe it will be useful to have more explanations per screenshot - which components you used where. So people can see the WOW effect and can see how you used them well. :slight_smile:


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Congratulation! Looks awesome, even just looking at screenshots.

May we know how long did it take you to finish this using wappler? And also how long will it take if you don’t use wappler to finish the same?

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I have created 3 project in 3 weeks … is this possible via hand coding :slight_smile:

I will share other 2 projects with wappler community


Don’t think so. but you have the background knowledge needed.
which helps you a lot

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Great work s.alpaslan and thank you for sharing it!
I am happy to see it is possible to build that kind of cms with Wappler because this is pretty much similar to what many of my clients need (Can create pages and restricted access to users for other users and define various rules for them) and I was wondering if it can be done only using Wappler.
Now I have my answer :slight_smile:

May I ask you how long it took you? I wonder how long I would need to build such a cms for a someone who is not a web dev like me, and who never have use any app connect or server connect before…

Thank you


Congrats @s.alpaslan

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Congratulation. Very nice and complex too.

This is a real answer to whom ask what you can build with Wappler!
But it means also that you had clear idea what you wanted to do :smile:


You can do a complex cms fast. I’m guessing what your customers want. You can offer them all and more. You are required to do these things;
1 Watch all dmxzone videos and user videos
2 read all documents

You will already finished the project when making them. no more than 10 days

most importantly, community users and @george, @patrick and @teodor will support you in every issue.

Thank you very much @Webjack357

Wow @s.alpaslan, that looks absolutely brilliant, well done, i love it.

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Thank you for the advise s.alpaslan, yes I will take time to read documents and watch videos, the boring part lol
So far I integrated some cms but I really want to be able to give what the client need not what some cms force them to do. You know how it is, you have the choice between a overwhelming full blown cms or a too simplistic as soon as the client need soem more advanced features i am stuck there because I am not a coder.

But I am encouraged by what I see possible to build with Wappler, I could finally say YES I can do it!
And I do see how helpful and responsive is the Wappler community :slight_smile:


@s.alpaslan Looks great! Congrats. :+1:
Two questions:

  1. Is the website responsive?
  2. Did you built this entirely using Wappler & extensions or did you require any other tools or resources?
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Hello @nshkrsh,

1 of course ,it is responsive website
2 I don’t need any other tools … I didnt require any tools … just wappler !

I will share my other projects …

Other completed projects
1 Callcenter Solution : ( Agent Console - Supervisor Console and Admin Management Pages )
Agents can call customers via web page or then can answer the calls via web page (inbound and outbound calls )

2 Restaurant POS system …

wappler is very powerful and you don’t need another tool.


Wow! Seriously!

I have been working with a webdeveloper for almost 2 months to accomplish a rather not so complicated webapp system but you seems to accomplished much more sophisticated systems, not one but 3, in a fairly quickest of time using wappler. How long is it? Within a month?

You must be a very good developer. Awesome! Congratulation.

Can’t wait to havee you sharing the two completed projects of yours.

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Yeap , seriously :slight_smile:

you can do it too !!! you dont need developer you need wappler :)) (I have completed 3 project )
watch all videos and read all documents and ask to community :+1:

I will share my all projects today or tomorrow :slight_smile:



Halleleujah! Someone understood me!

This is a glorious Example that can ONLY MARKET Wappler far MORE EFFECTIVELY than a "marketing team's" copy!

When I came looking like so many people who have BEEN CREATING custom products with all different kinds of IDE's & such things as Scriptcase & PHPScript & such "auto code" tools as PHPRunner I wanted to immediately cut through all the MARKETING verbiage.

If a product is well-developed along these lines then it will display some Actual Complete Solutions that have been constructed to use code modules already onboard with necessary customization.

The most widely sold Web app development products also, like Scriptcase & PHPRunner ALSO package Custom Code modules for certain purposes, such as creating a Security login module with different options, or create a module that easily links a calendar with Availability for a Rental site, etc, etc.

In the DMXZone days when I was subscribing I bought modules to make the building quicker & absolved me of having to run extensive tests to see which was most efficient or less buggy.

How people would USE Wappler methods & modules in Real Life Solutions is what interests me most because I just do not have time to experiment for weeks after reading bunches of coding "solutions" that use their own preferred tools & frameworks & JS hot-library-of-the-month that I have to set up a new git project for.

So, when somebody can build a complete solution to some common applications in the real commercial business world USING WAPPLER front-to-back I get ENTHUSED.

Please move the Wappler Community in this direction

THAT alone will sell Wappler much faster to more Developers who are in my stage -- know enough to be dangerous, enough to modify solutions -- but are not dedicated frameworks & code technicians.