Docker Setup - Access Denied for Database User

Hi all - I’m setting up my database connection using the cool new docker tools, but I get this error:

Access denied for user ‘db_user’@‘’ (using password: YES)

Anyone know if this is somehow incorrect login information, or something tlse?

Update- I can connect to the db from MySQL workbench using the same user and password

Hi Zach,

Welcome to Wappler and our great community!

How did you setup your docker target? Did you enter special logins for the database part or left the defaults?

I left defaults at first and then changed these values when I was troubleshooting

And thanks for the welcome! I’m super excited to get to work.

Did you change the user and password in the database connection server connect action also?

@JonL I think so. Here’s two screenshots, first from Project Settings > Targets, second from Server Connect > Action Steps > Execute > Database Actions > Database Connection

Your usernames are different in your screenshots? Could that be the issue?

I see db_user in both?

Ah yes, my mistake.

If you have changed the password after you have deployed once that the database is already created with different user.

You will need to shutdown / clear first and the recreate with the deploy icon again

You need to restart your containers.

Edit: When you run docker containers you usually add environment variables. This is all done in the shadow for you by Wappler. Because you changed connection data there is a mismatch between the environment variables and your configuration.

ah ha! Thanks. I was deploying, but not restarting.

So if I go in to the target settings and update the credentials, is the db recreated with the new credentials, or are the credentials just updated?


Also if you want to save contents don’t forget to do it.

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Thanks. This is a side question, but when you’re creating tables or fields, do you do it from Wappler? Or directly in whatever db admin tool you use?

You need an external tool at the moment. But wappler team is working on including a db management feature.

Cool. I have workbench and have been using that. Just didn’t know if you were maybe doing that through code.

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