Disable Error Checking toggle


Please please please please please consider adding a Disable Error Checking toggle to Options!

Not only do errors stop the page from rendering/syncing, sometimes they are not errors at all. Even DMX Zone Static Events containing the eval statement are highlighted (just a warning, but unless removed the pages containing these ‘advisories’ do not sync when being edited). Its over the top if I am honest. It really does require an OFF switch.



Its like having a dictionary check in Word that won’t let you save the document because you have mis-spelled Authorise and Word demands you use Authorize…



PLEASE do not introduce a Paperclip telling us what to do!





This mr clippy was so useful like a car without wheels


If some error checking options are to be added, I have another request (I hope I’m not hijacking this thread).

The connection error indicator can be useful, so I’ll often give it a click to see what issues have been identified. 9 times out of 10, the errors are like this:


If I’m working on a local version of the site, I may not have or need all the images which are on the live version. Some of my customers have 30,000 images on their site and they add more all the time. These errors are not relevant or useful; it would be good to be able to switch image errors off/on - to make ‘real’ errors more obvious.


Instead of completely disabling error checking, a custom list of Types Of Errors To Ignore like the exclude pattern option for Search would be a better option.

This will cover issues like @TomD has reported and your issue too.

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