Disable AppConnect in Design/Split View

I’m still having huge trouble with pages that contain hidden areas such as a license wrapper div which shows if the Users license is valid, which is wrapped in a verify User wrapper. These wrappers check App Connect Actions for results to display or not. Combined with preloaders for on start and done. This is inside a secured page using Security Enforcer. This combination makes it impossible to edit these pages in Wappler. If JavaScript could be disabled this may alleviate the issues? I can edit these pages just fine in Dreamweaver and Pinegrow (with JS disabled), so why can I not edit them in Wappler? Thus the reason for this feature request…

Maybe an offline Design View too! <---- Should I suggest separately?

Please consider.


Thank you.

Hi Dave, I know you are a highly advanced user so I might be giving you a silly suggestion from my understanding, but would logging into to page in Wappler not help with the issue like this.

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Thank you for the suggestion it really is appreciated but unfortunately it does not help resolve the issue. We can edit these pages in every other editor aside from Wappler which is very disappointing considering the majority of the pages utilise App and Server Connect security and show and hide regions…

It’s akin to locking your keys in the car in a way… :wink:

HI Dave - maybe the new Split view will also help now. So you have two ways to navigate to your hidden elements: the App Structure and the split code view.

Also in design view you can switch to preview mode and login and reproduce the “logged in” state. So you can design in it as well.

Hi George,
No and no sadly, neither suggestion works. I have tried numerous variations as suggested and all fail (I’m very persistent and will try a thousand times and hate to resolve myself to failure). I just want to open the page in the Editor and edit it as normal. Non of the suggestions given on the forum work in this circumstance.

Maybe try to recreate the following locally and give it a try…

The first div is based on the user existing show/hide. Inside this div is another that check for license dates show/hide. Both divs look at Actions for results before displaying. If no results display an alert is displayed based on no record existing. The actions have preloaders for start and done. This is inside a page protected by Security Enforcer.

You mean you can't edit the elements thought the App Structure, with their properties or code view? That should really be possible - you might not see much in design view as it is all restricted, but App Structure and code view doesn't have a problem with that.

The page is locked from editing entirely George.

Dreamweaver CC2019 (exposed the wrapper divs so you can see them):



I can even edit them in Bootstrap Studio.

See the issue I face.

Maybe you didn’t understand what I meant, so here is a visual:

I understand totally. That solution leaves me with a ‘Non Visual Web App Creator’ though?

My real question is why I can I edit these pages in everything else (visually) but not in Wappler?

But your page code is totally dynamically generated … there is really no much visual to edit - in design view at least. So having it display all - will just produce a major soup - like you see in the other editors and I don’t consider that visual editing …

in App Structure you can see all the components - structure, select visually the right components, enter their properties visually and also in the App Structure you can right click and add other components at the right place - or drag around to reorder.

Also I don’t see any Bootstrap 4 structures in my page at all in Wappler yet in everything else the structure is shown? Maybe I should put all this together in a report as in my circumstance in pages that display in everything else correctly code wise, framework wise, and are editable, but in Wappler nada.

I’m not new to Bootstrap framework/layouts so do understand what I am doing there :wink:

But it is visual editing George! I rely on the visual side despite the soup. I like soup too! It's a major selling point of Wappler (visual editing).

That is a different issue probably related to the fact that you have Bootstrap includes somewhere else.
We support only Bootstrap 4 for now and if you use CDN it should be picked up just fine, but if you use local files those should be located at:


for example. This way we can exactly detect which bootstrap you have and that is ver 4 and not others.

“Wappler is now able to recognize any Bootstrap 4 structures directly”

So this is not really the case if your Bootstrap files don’t reside in /bootstrap/? Usually these files are located in assets in my experience?

You know I love DMX and Wappler so am not here to make fuss or discredit the product. I just want to actually use it to visually edit my pages.

OK :slight_smile:

How about this:

  1. open in split view
  2. Locate the dmxAppConnect.js include in code view and press ctrl+/ to comment it out
  3. Your designview should render as you want :slight_smile:

Is this a design view that you want?

  1. edit it and when done - toggle back the dmxAppConnect.js include

Hence my feature request to disable javaScript! I can work around it this I understand entirely.


I just wanted to confirm fully that this is exactly want you want because you will be missing a lot of dynamic stuff.
So no App Connect elements will render, no repeat regions, no slideshows - nothing!

You really want this?

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Perfect. It would just allow us developers to actually work within these pages, could easily be clicked on again (sorry to borrow from Pinegrow but this is a feature). Most of us have live development areas if we want to see everything nice and pretty.

That would be great George, and allow the user to decide for themselves. You know yourself we all like to maintain a little control here and there.