Design view non-clickable from time to time

Wappler: v4.0.0 Beta 10
Server Type: PHP

I’ve been using Beta 10 entirely for the last week and have found that the design view becomes un-clickable from time to time. I’ve not been able to establish when this happens or what might cause it. I have split view all the time and dip between code and design frequently. Clicking in places in the code does update the design view so it’s not completely frozen but I can’t click on anything to select it. The solution is to close the page and reopen it. I’ve probably done this about half-a-dozen times this week.

There is also a little bug if you try editing a paragraph when the page does its auto refresh it will then just allow you to click elements but not things like double click to edit the text

I think this issue has been around for a while (perhaps forever) - in v3 too.

I always thought this was just me so didn’t report it (until recently as it’s gotten worse for me). I’ve had the issue throughout 3 and into all versions of 4. For me, it’s happening very frequently - like every few clicks of edit within design view - so I find I’m forced to use editor now.

I reported here: UI becomes unresponsive after editing elements in visual designer (video included)

@George perhaps this can be merged and prioritised?

Can confirm I have been having this same issue, at least from beta 4 from what I can remember. It doesn’t happen too frequently for me, but it does get rather annoying when it happens.

This bug is indeed known for a while. Sometimes when you edit text in design view and then click outside it doesn’t register the blur and stays in edit mode. The only way to get out of it again is by refreshing the design view. We have looked at this bug several times and haven’t found a solution for it yet, I think the best I can do is to rewrite that part of code and hope that it will be fixed then.

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It seems to definitely be worse in v4 Beta.

i find generally toggling app connect mode off then back on re-enables editing temporarily

Could you all confirm that:

  1. you mean selections in design view not inline text edit
  2. It is still in the latest 4 beta 11

Also if you got any error messages, reproduction steps and maybe a debug log it will be really helpful.

Hi @George

1: yes design view
2: yes still in 4.11

1: just inline edits for me
2: yes, although much more rare

  1. Yes design view.
  2. Yes still in 4b11

And is your design view unclickable after initial load or after inline text edit?

For me I have never had the design view itself become ‘unclickable’. That I can remember anyways. The only thing I find is the inline editing becomes uneditable occasionally and I have to edit the text in the code.

For me it’s the dynamic flow buttons and the “edit flow” button for a flow element that stops being clickable after I edit a flow a few times. Not sure if it’s non-clickable or the flow window just isn’t popping up. I hadn’t reported it yet cause I was trying to figure out a pattern or way to recreate it but haven’t yet found rhyme or reason for it.

I believe it happens in v3 and beta. I usually quit Wappler and reopen to “fix” it temporarily.

Please post different topics for different issues. It is very difficult to track multiple problems in a single topic, lets stay if everybody is talking about completely different things.

Sorry, @George, my bad. I just thought maybe it was related. I’ll post a bug when I get more information about the issue.

This has been fixed in Wappler 4 beta 12