Design view : missing msg source for PostMessage

I got this message in the beta 4/11. Don’t know how to fix it? Any idea?

Design view : missing msg source for PostMessage

When, where and what are you doing when you get the error?

today it’s on all design screens (either pages or layout), no “special moment”.

This is an internal message when somehow the communication with design view goes wrong.

We are not entirely sure when this happen, with a specific page maybe or during some load sequence?

Does it happen often and does design view still function fine?

it happens time to time, I can’t remind or say if it comes after a specific action.

maybe this could explain.
I got a page and a layout.
The view is ok in the layout (it’s center vertical with some css in style.css) but the design view is not ok on the page index.

Does the design view and its selections and editing function all fine despite the message?

design view Is ok in the layout tab as you can see but not ok in the index page. In browser (remote and local) it’s working as expected.

since few days, without “reason” the logo is now ok with the index page too.
It’s quite weird, some very odd behaviour in Wappler to be honest.

This has been fixed in Wappler 4 beta 12

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