Datepicker formating

I'm not 100% sure if this is a bug or on purpose.
When the datepicker with a custom formating is used, the formating only applies in the datepicker field. The actual date value still is a normal ISO-date. My database requires a date without dashes (Like: YYYYMMDD).

After fetching the value of the datepicker into a textinput below it looks like this:

And the tooltip of the format is wrong as stated in this topic:

I suggest to use the same format rules as in MySQL DATE_FORMAT

Hello @jowhiskey
The date picker always sends the date in ISO format to the back end and this is for purpose, the format applied in it is for the client side only. This is because your database (date/datetime fields) always expect the date in ISO format.
If you need to store the date in some other format in a different field, use the server data formatter in the insert record value.


Thank you for this amazingly fast response!
So it is on purpose that is nice to hear!
The thing is, my database doesn’t use the date format. The reason for that is the possibility to use the “contain” condition for intuitive filtering.

And as for the server data formatter: I completely forgot that formatting is always possible even on the server actions side. Thank you for that!

Take care!

Edit: Tried it right now and works perfectly now!

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