Date Picker Breaks when Formatting Applied

The date picker seems to work slick, however, I need the date formatted in yyy-mm-dd format. Applying the format mask breaks the datepicker.


yyyy should not be lowercase?

It isn’t lowercase …

for this… I m not in front of my computer… but I always set data yyyy-MM-dd uppercase only MM to make different from mm minutes

I saw now your second message. I cannot say anything because I m referring normal data formatter not the new datepicker

I tried lowercase as well. Didn't work either.

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sorry I saw your second message later

I saw your page it look like give am error NaN in javascript

Hello Brad,
It should be all uppercase.

Then the tool tip needs fixing :wink:

I suggest you to check the formatting options here:
as “dd” is also a valid formatting option, but in your case you need “DD”

Changing it to all caps worked. You may want to adjust your tooltip for the mask as it says to use lowercase.