Data connecction on local site using classic asp vbscript


I have a local site created in classic asp and I would like to finally move it to wappler.

The site uses and access database
when I try to connect to the database I get this error!


The error message pretty much explains the problem. You have to add a target in your project definition and select it then in the target menu…

Check this tutorial - it shows how to do this with an ftp, but the same applies to ALL targets (local network, etc.).


Thanks. forgot the activation part. I had activated before but could not add app connect local. It was giving me an error that the files was outside the target. I followed advice on here then closed and re-opened the folder. This time I could add the app connect. I just forgot to activate the connection.

Now that I have activated the connection my database connection come up ok however whan I try to include the data by using a generated table it returns no data.

In debug mode I get a very long error that begins with htis.
{“type”:“Error”,“fileName”:“lib/db/connection.asp”,“lineNumber”:6,“message”:“Required module “lib/db/server/undefined” does not exist”,


What happens when you click the test database connection button in the database connection dialog?


It says it is ok. This is what puzzles me. I thought maybe it was a permissio issue so I added an admin password and it gives the same result (yes I saved changes)

Local database connection with future external

any suggestions? I would like to get all my site management over to wappler so I can stop using and paying for dreamweaver


It appears that this is a bug in our code for the ODBC System DSN, seems like just nobody uses access db nowadays so we have not really noticed this issue :slight_smile:
We will fix this in the next update.

BTW - you may consider using some real database, access is not the greatest solution in 2019 :slight_smile:

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I set up a mysql database on my server and tested migrating the data but I have a similar issue there. The connection shows successful but I cannot get data to output on the page. Maybe the same odbc issue? If you are going to offer these “legacy” features I only ask that they work. I apologize for the trouble but I want to get the “legacy” site working before I abandon dreamweaver then I can migrate to a new mysql database. It’s hard to advance to newer technology when you can’t get either to work. :anguished:

“message”: “Server undefined is not supported”,
“lastAction”: {
“name”: “MySqlWater18”,
“module”: “dbconnector”,
“action”: “connect”,
“options”: {
“server”: “undefined”,
“databaseType”: “ODBC System DSN”,


Yes, the same issue - we are going to fix this ASAP :slight_smile:


I hope you can understand my frustration as I tried to move on from access to my sql but couldn’t get either resolved. I’m more than happy to wait knowing a solution is coming.

Maybe I’ll see if the new advanced query thing will allow me to sort by sums! another thing that I’ve been patiently hoping for.