Crazy idea for DB Manager addition - CRUD generation

What if… There is probably a badge for this one @Teodor … In the Database Manager you could:

  1. Select the table.
  2. Right click.
  3. Select from options such as ‘Create DB Insert’, ‘Create DB Update’, and ‘Create DB Delete’.
  4. Upon selection the selected forms would be created along with the Actions.
  5. A new page would open with the resulting code.

New badge? Off my head, too much coffee?



Good idea @George :slight_smile:

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Nice idea. Can the result be a single form which does both insert and update? That’s my way of working now so I only do forms once and it’s just one to make changes to in the future.


We combine update and delete Actions, ie, if a checkbox is ticked to confirm delete, a condition within the Server Action for the update is run to execute the conditional delete Action. Saves doubling up on Actions and eases the workflow.


Nice one indeed :slight_smile:

Now that we have more control of the database schema, we will be adding more generators based on it!

So indeed server connect CRUD actions and editing forms will be nice :slight_smile:


So long as these features can still be used even if we don’t use the new database manager (I’ve not started using it yet).

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Wow! I was wondering about it some days ago! A basic CRUD with a grid to show data with delete, update and insert buttons. Almost like scafold on Ruby on Rails.


We are slowly getting there :slight_smile:

Next step is generating CRUD actions and UI based on the UI properties stored in the database manager.


This is a great idea indeed. Now imagine if you have a option in that CRUD too to allow you to connect your API endpoints that’s manage your user registration and social login or payment gateways. Let’s say you have the option to connect a Auth0 or Stripe API endpoint at each CRUD step.

Good plan @Dave, thanks for pointing out this post to me, lol, i missed it.

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Wappler is going to the Moon like cryptocurrency and I am in the front seat of this rocket ship haha. I love it!

Thats how interakt once implemented CRUD. That was about 10 years ago and no tool has been supporting this till then :slight_smile:

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We are using insert/update form on the same (php) page. In the server action we just add a condition checking for the $POST being available or not.

I’d love to see enhanced support for the different http methods so the APIs can follow best practices out of the box. POST for create, PUT for mods, GET To retrieve, etc.


Well although the different HTTP methods might be more standard for REST API calls , Server Connect usually handles data posted by html forms. Like when you have form for insert or update records to the database.

Those HTML Forms always post data as GET or POST only. You can’t post form data as PUT method.

So for own processing of your forms and data in Server Connect it doesn’t make much sense to support other methods. Unless you are exposing your Server Connect API to other external sources that use it as REST API only.