Copy elements to another page

I would like the option to select an element e.g. a Navbar in one page and paste it into a new page or replace an existing Navbar in a second page.

Sometimes I need to adapt the same Navbar in several pages. In Wappler I only see Duplicate, Delete and Move to include. In DW it is easy to copy and paste elements between pages.
Will this be possible in Wappler ? It is timewasting to do the same adaption on every page separately.

Great Idea!!! Hope it gets traction!

Obvioudly I don’t know your exact requirements but what about exporting it to a SSI then linking to the new page . Creating a few SSI variants could me more efficient than editing each single page.


Sounds like a perfect use case for Server Side Includes that is already in Wappler.


Thanks, I will give it a try. Never to old to learn :stuck_out_tongue:

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