Navbar from SSI include file

It works good in Wappler design view.
But the navbar doesn’t show up in Explorer when I look at it lokaly.

Have you published the page? If you are not using a remote host yet change the target to local.


The target was set to local.

File Navbar.html
Type: SSI file

Maybe only visible on a server

Yes, the SSI files are handled by your server. You cannot see them on the page by just running an HTML file from a random folder on your computer.
You can install some local server to test such things.

I installed a server and even there the Navbar doesn’t show up.

Your server needs to have the module for serverside includes enabled. Please check this topic: SSI File vs PHP Includes

I read all directives in this article

and I made the necessary adjustments in the names off the files:
Navbar.html becomes Navbar.ssi, index.html becomes index.shtml with the reference: include file="Navbar.ssi

After uploading I still get the message:
[an error occurred while processing this directive]

@vdweyer you should not alter the include files, leave them as wappler created them … just follow the tutorial explaining how to use ssi.