Conditional Region dmx-bind doesn't update

Wappler 6.7.2 Beta
Windows 11 Pro

I have this conditional:

<div class="row" is="dmx-if" id="conditional2" dmx-bind:condition="!">
<div class="col">

This should update all the content within the div based on changes from datastore1, however it doesn't work. The datastore is not empty and this div does not display its contents; only If I refresh the page, the content appears. If data is added to the datastore, the content inside the div should appear without refreshing the page, nothing happens.
When I change from Beta to Stable it is the same.
When I switch to App Connect 1 (deprecated), it works as expected.

Can you check if this is the same issue:

Great!, this update works for me.


The condition state was successfully updated and the content inside the div appears, however, a new error is now appearing in every repeater.

More context, this error appears when I click inside a clickable element inside the repeater to execute any other action, it totally interrupts the next execution, in my case I click a button to redirect to another path, never redirects, stays on the same page showing the above error.

Hi @Alexander_Paladines,

Try with this update from Patrick.

Hi, I already test it, but I get this new error coming from all repeaters. Totally unusable in my case,


Sorry, My mistake, look like this is a different update.
This works now,

Fixed in Wappler 6.7.3

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