Problem with conditional column not show more than one time

Wappler Version :6.7.2
Operating System :windows 11
Server Model: nodejs
Database Type:mysql
Hosting Type:docker (hetzner)

** what should happen **
the coloumn should show and disappear every time you change the toggle

**What happens **
the coloumn disappear but never shows again or if it is shown it disappear but never show again when you change the toggle.

** Edit **
Also happens with dynamic event (show/hide)

How to reproduce

test it in ** Webpage removed **

Have an update ready for testing. (121.1 KB)

For what it is worth, I added this to test something else, and I'm seeing new issues pop up. Should I report those as bugs, or you are just testing with this?

Yes please use the new version above, test extensively and report the issues here.

We have made some major improvements in the cleanup of the dynamic attributes and events, so it should solve any memory issues but some other issues might arise that we should solve as well.

So yes test extensively and report.

It fixed the problem with the conditional showing and not showing.

But as mebeingken says it has other big problems. My data has disappeared.
Just try the "produkter" webpage"

If I put a Bootstrap5 table on the same page, it show the data from the same servconnect.

try with the latest version from:

Can't find any problem with this update. Everything seems ok.

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I had a similar issue with conditional regions not updating correctly and Patrick's latest update has resolved it. I'll keep testing it for any other errors and report.

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I'm just wasted 2 hours of my life trying to solve "I'm dumb" problem but here is real reason.

Fixed in Wappler 6.7.3

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