Conditional region as conditional region attribute

Can we have Conditional Region as Dynamic Attribute > Condition.

We are now prefer to use conditional region (dmx-if) instead of attribute show (dmx-show) for good. It will be much helpful if we can set existing element or tag as conditional region by few clicks.


Unfortunately because the conditional region is a component of its own - it can’t be used as dynamic attribute on other components.

However - existing Bootstrap 4 structures like container, section, header, footer, main and columns can be enriched with conditional region functionality so you don’t need to wrap them.


Alright. So visually Make Conditional Region only available for BS4 structures, but it possibly works with other tags as well if written manually right?

Yes it just adds is=“dmx-if” as attribute making them components.

So it will work in any html unless it is already an existing app connect component.

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