Classic ASP: Help with simple upload

I have not been able to do a simple upload. I posted earlier and was told it was because there was no file template specified but I have tried with and without. I have other sites with no issues and I can upload to this server with other scripts. I was able to upload to this server in the past, looks like it stopped about two months ago.

I have stripped it down to a simple upload page with one file input. I have an action with one upload, nothing dynamic. It acts as it works, but it does not see anything to upload. Can anyone please give me a direction or place to look, I’ve run out of ideas.

I’m attaching screenshots of the page and the action file and the “null” message.

The . is not needed between {name}.{ext} … should be just {name}{ext}.

You may even want to use {name}{_n}{ext} if yo are anticipating that files with the same name may be uploaded.

Have you defined plan in your POST globals as Type File?


Made that change, same results

Thanks, Yes I have

Can anyone help on this. As and FYI, it was an older Dreamweaver site that was moved to Wappler. Could that be the cause?

Please have a look at Uploading Single File To Your Server

Thanks Ben, I followed this, even posted the code to show it. I have several sites with many upload forms so I’m pretty confident in that. It is this one site that won’t upload. I have other sites on the same server that have no issues so I don’t think it’s a server issue. As I stated this site was originally built in Dreamweaver with DMX extensions (upload worked then) then later moved to Wappler. I’m at a loss, hopefully someone can see/recommend something that I am missing

Hey Ken,

Everything looks to be correct with what you’ve posted, but your problem persists so in case you haven’t done these, I’ll call out some troubleshooting ideas.

–Change the files file name
–Change the file
–Rename the field
–Change the path (the folder where it is getting stored)
–Check permissions on the path
–Check permissions on the tmp path (in my environment, the file gets written to a temp folder first)
–Set the value of $_POST and tick output (without the field name) to see what is coming over
–Start with a brand new page instead of stripping down the old one
–Remove the security provider and db connection

If you can get to a working basic upload, then you’ll be able to slowly build back up until you find what is currently biting you. For what its worth, file uploads are working fine for me on PHP, and have to assume they are working on asp since nobody else has chimed in.

If it turns out it is this specific project because of dmx extensions, etc. I’m of no use to you – before my time, and above my pay grade. :slight_smile:

I know these things suck, but stick with it. If you find the solution, it will help others in the future!

Best of luck!

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mebeingken, thanks so much, I have done some but not all of your recommendations. I’ll try them all and will update my findings.