Checking Database for Entry and Compare to Another Database

Hi Wappler Community,

I am looking for help with this issue I have regarding checking database’s against each other and the correct way to return the data.

I have paged repeater working great displaying our products.

I have an add product to library button, which adds an entry to a separate table ‘Library Table’.

This ‘Library Table’ is setup to record line items of the ‘Product Id, Product Name and User Id’ so I can test this against the Actual Product Table.

However this is where I’m running into a problem, my paged repeater doesn’t let me access the Output Fields needed to condition the data against. Nested Repeat Regions

Essentially I want to get a true or false back from the database if the product id in the ‘Library Table’ equals the product id in ‘Actual Product Table’ - using the boolean to show or hide a button which lets them add the product to their library.

I have tried adding a repeater under the main repeater querying the database but it’s just looping through every product in the Library Table and returning the boolean (this will show a result for every item in the Library Table - not what I wanted). You can get an idea here with the buttons repeating and showing when it’s true and not true.

All of the tutorials seem to use a query value for ‘filtering’ the data in the database query. Is there a way to dynamically set the value of the filter for inside the repeater to check the database for the product id?

Thanks, I hope this kind of made sense.

Why not get all the data in a single query, use a LEFT JOIN to join with the Library Table.

You then just check if the UserId is not NULL to see if it is in the users library. No extra queries needed which would only make it slow.

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Hi @patrick ,

That worked a treat, thank you :smiley: