Change url parameter with state manager in routing


Currently we are filtering data on our page, using url parameters which we change with buttons on the page. Using the state management we change the parameter without page load. However we’d like to be able to use state management to change url parameters defined like: /page/:parameter the same way. This is currently not possible, the only way to change this is to use the go to url action, but it reloads the page, which is not nice.


I’m not aware that this is currently not possible. I do really need this functionality. Voted.

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Well just create a link with the dynamic parameter in it. So add the dynamic attribute link with expression like:



So the routing does indeed work with state management? I don’t have pro license yet so am unable to test it but this is definitely a functionality that I need for my future project using Wappler.


No, what George suggested is using a link instead of changing the parameters with the state managemer.

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Just to confirm: what @swf requested is not currently possible - because using a link will cause the page to be reloaded - so this request is still open. Is this correct?




Thanks. I thought this was the case, but at a glance it looks like the issue was dealt with. I think it’s an important request.

I think there are some other improvements which could be made in relation to parameters and routing.


Will this be implemented?


Your prompt reminded me about other features which would be useful in relation to routing and URL parameters.

I’ll often have a page showing results from a single query (ie a single action file), where the search parameters come from different sources. Eg there might be a keyword search form, one or more dropdown menus displaying categories and perhaps an advanced search. In the case of the menus, it would nice to be able to use routing - which in itself would be straightforward. However if the user then wanted to use a keyword search, I don’t think it’s possible to remove the path parameters left over from the categories - so it’s not possible to use routing at all in such pages (unless, hopefully, there’s some method I haven’t thought of).

Eg if a rewritten URL looked like /fashion/france/ and then, on the same page, a user wanted to use a keyword search resulting in a query string such as ?keywords=paris fashion 1923, I don’t think this is possible, because the rewritten URL will remain and the query will fail. As far as I know, query manager (in App Connect) can only add/remove name-value pairs.

There have been a couple of questions about removing all parameters from a query string - eg in this question from @transcoderm. Such a feature would be very useful - and solve this and one or two other problems.