Change billing information

Where can I change the billing information to update an expired credit card?
Thank you in advance.

Sure we can do this - I will send you a link for payment and billing info change as personal message

Thank you very much!

George hi, I also have the same issue, Where can I change the billing information to update my credit card?
Thank you in advance

Hi Joy,

We will providing change billing info in Wappler very soon!

But for now if you current payment source fails - I will send you a direct payment link that you can complete with your new credit card.

So nothing to worry, if your current credit cards fails - just msg me and I will pass you the new payment link.
I think your trial is about to expire in 2 days, so you will be charged then.

i did the registration during the black friday period and used the code to enjoy the discount, i hope i will still get the discount if my current card fails when you pass me the new payment link?

yes no problem - the discount is tied to your account so it is independent of the payment credit card

I hope you will make the access to change billing info web based so that one can do it from any device anywhere. This is important in cases where I want a third party to pay for me.

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@George, @Teodor, etc.,

In case its worth anything to the developers, I considered buying into Wappler during the Black Friday / Cyber Monday to take advantage of the sale. But when I came to the realization it all happened through the app and not through an actual web page in a browser I opted to wait further. I feel better using an actual secure web page, or routing out of an app to do so. Where I can see, verify and monitor all that is taking place with my information. I see its supposedly using Stripe, but I can't seem to verify that or check validation of certificates etc., nor for sure know what is actually taking place via the app.

Just my 2 cents, but maybe others are turned away due to this also?

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Thank you for the feedback! We noticed the same thing too.

Initially we thought it will be more convenient through Wappler, but I get what you mean! On a web site you feel much more secure when you inspect the certificates and such.

So we will definitely provide also a web based license purchasing option, as part of

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Thank you for your response @George very much appreciated.

Good to hear and glad the team recognized it also.

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New Wappler Account management online is available now at:

there you can edit all your account and billing info

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