Can I use Wappler without Bootstrap?

Yes. You could edit the BS file directly but it would probably take you several hours to accomplish the same result (and it would be a bad idea anyway). I mentioned in a thread, before Wappler’s Theme Manager was available:

And if you’re not happy with the colour scheme - you can try a completely different one in a few seconds.

Yes, there are hundreds of variables you can change. There’s a basic section (for colours, fonts, enabling transition and shadows) and an advanced section, eg:

One way or another, you’ll have to have backups etc, whether or not you use Git as discussed in the thread I mentioned. However, I think this area of Wappler needs a better solution and I’m sure the team is aware of it.

Of course not.

FYI just because you open a post doesn’t make it “your post”. You asked for help and the community
including myself jumped to help you.

Then you got all defensive because we all here agree that bootstrap is more useful than writing plain CSS and you start spreading misinformation about Bootstrap out of ignorance or because you have a hidden agenda.

I’m starting to get the impression that you bring food to your house by being that middleman you mentioned previously and this bothers you somehow or you are just here to promote competitors.

You are constantly backtracking every other post. First you thank people for their help and the next post you just bash Bootstrap/Wappler, and promote competition and your CSS skills over the most popular CSS framework.

And you just did it again while I was writing this. You clearly have a hidden agenda, and I feel sorry for all the people that are still trying to help you.

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Can somebody remove this person from here?

He clearly validates the first thing I wrote about him.
He can’t help it, he wants to have the last word.

Dude leave me alone I am NOT spreading anything I am TRYING to figure out how to do my job!



I really hope you subscribe to the product to prove me wrong. Time will tell.


Dude you have a harasive behavior you should go look into it.
All of a sudden you are accusing me of things, you are full of irony and a bit of racist if I may say.

How am I a middle man why are you mocking me here, I want to create my own thing I am not working for others.

I come on this forum trying to understand if this is something for me alright?

Having to push back all the salesy stuff and get a bit deeper to what’s going on so I can help myself achieve what I have set to.

You are expressing antisocial behaviour, I am a new lead and can be a new client and you accusing me of being a bitter middle man are you serious?
They let you run your mouth in here and now you want me to trust this platform?

Jonas keep talking you are making things better for everybody but oh yeah I forgot, you have to say the last word because (insert reason).

Nobody owes you anything pal you behave all bossy and self entintled, how is this helping new members stick with Wappler?
I haven’t even started working seriously on the thing and pfff full of negativity and accusations like you know me from yesterday


Thanks for the help.

Oh the irony…

Please let me know your race so I can confirm the validity of this point.

Now that’s the perfect business decision.

Have you ever heard of high maintenance clients?

Let´s hope others find a way to convince you so you can start building things. Although I think you already wasted enough time from the community.

Just build something with Wappler and stop whining ffs.


You are correct in everything you say.

Take care.

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@TomD @Teodor @htatd @sitestreet @sid


We can rest that aside now.

If anybody wants to explain to me now how a designer like myself would react if a new version of Wappler broke my database or something else inside my web app?

Is it fair to say that Designers with no database or back-end knowledge would require at least support from this forum and quite possibly to hire somebody else to fix any issues?
While this is happening would my logged in web app visitors be in security risk?

I am not bashing the software, the software might be great for what it does, but for myself as a designer what would I do in case of an emergency like this because I was not aware about pushed updates that broke my site?

Thanks again for your valuable time everybody.

You would contact support or get on this forum. And you always have the option of rolling back to a backup (you have to have backups in place for any serious web app).


Alright thanks for your help.


There are no pushed updates that would break your app. Your app is stored on your hosting. The only possible thing is if there was an update in Wappler which then changed something which updated your app scripts but that’s extremely rare, in fact I’m not sure if that’s ever happened. And there would be support available and I am totally confident a fix would be provided very quickly.

It’s not like a hosted solution where updates happen without your knowledge. Or like Wordpress where updates might happen automatically. Your app is on your hosting and isn’t updated unless you specifically updated it.

Whoops right that makes my logged in users question totally irrelevant right?

Apologies I am only a designer with front end knowledge which is the easy part…

I think you now need to download the 7-day trial, go through some YouTube videos or do the training here and get stuck in.

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Alright thanks a lot for your help.

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And that is the right way to do it. Feel free to ask as many questions as you need to. It’s best to start many threads with specific topics above one thread that covers many questions.

Welcome to Wappler. I hope you find a home here.

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Wappler is not a no-code tool. You need to understand front-end & back-end & servers & then some more to make use of its amazing capabilities. From a programming language/toolkit point of view, I would suggest to take courses outside of Wappler and try to learn HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Data Structures & Logic Building, JavaScript, SQL & Git.
Wappler is just a tool that lets you use all of the above and more - in a fast, powerful & visual way.
You will not be able to use Wappler’s full capabilities unless you really understand the basics of how all of it works. Don’t need to be an expert, but need to know the basics.

From what I know, platforms like Webflow & Bubble are no comparision to what one can do in Wappler. But its also true that such tools are very mature and have its perks. They also cater to a different target audience than Wappler.

One thing I envy is other such platforms/tools which have Dedicated Support. This is where your question about “what happens when something goes wrong” comes in. With Wappler, you only have community. You might get a reply in a minute or a week. There have been cases where I had to change my logic because of delays in fixing certain issues in the past. So our strategy has been to not update Wappler immediately to minimize such situations, and wait a few days or even few updates before updating. But never more than 3 versions.

Good thing is Wappler does not update anything automatically. So you are always in control. And with Git, you can control the updates Wappler pushes to your project files as well.
With version 3, Wappler has been really improving the balance between bug fixes & new features.
With version 4, overall product has grown a lot with even more powerful features.

As you say that you are just a designer, there is a huge learning curve ahead of you if you want to use Wappler as your primary development tool. If you are trying to assess if Wappler is the right fit for you with this and other posts, only way to actually know that is to invest for a couple of months & start using it. You will learn nothing in 7 day trial… give it at least two months… since you don’t come from a programming background.

Hope this helps.


Hey @sid thanks for the reply.

By the way I already know HMTL, CSS and JS (Vanilla only at a basic level to create a weather app using an external API for example), and I have some basic understanding in data structures and logic building but just an understanding on that. Oh and I can use Git as well but other than these, darkness.

Your reply here tops everything, tremendous insight in one clear consise message.
So you have to know all these things in order to work on Wappler but nobody wants to tell me that in the last couple of days…

I figured though today that it’s mostly for people that are already developers and want to speed up their workflow and get the assistance they need for their layouts from Bootstrap.
This is the target audience of Wappler and that’s absolutely fine.

It’s just not for me I get it.
It would been a lot easier if this was more upfront. Anyway.

Because my main goal is to build one application if I am to learn everything then I wouldn’t mind doing everything myself. I wouldn’t have the need to create apps every other week for clients, I am a business owner who happened to know design and front end and wants to create ONE app.
So therefore the need to develop on a rapid pace is not there.

I am sure somebody will correct me again though so please feel free to do so.

Again awesome software but you have to already know everything and how they work, back end and databases in order for it to be useful to you.

To be fair, everyone has answered the questions you asked. And the thread subject is “Can I use Wappler without Bootstrap?”

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Wappler does not sound like a good fit in that case.
But, to clarify, its not just for people who are already developers… Its also for people like you but want to create more than one app. :sweat_smile:

I would also like to suggest what we suggest our clients/potential-clients who are in a similar situation where they want to create one app… With little investment and time: Go with tools like Shopify, Wordpress, Webflow, Wix etc which have very little barrier to entry, give limited control over the app, require small monthly fee and can be scaled to an extent. Once you reach a stage where you need to automate and integrate more parts of your business and need control, contact us for a long term discussion.