Button on mouse click inside of Server Connect Variable


I am doing a chat where it is possible to upload a file too.

On clicking the “Upload File” button, a modal is opened with S3 Upload component and upload the file.

Once the file is uploaded, there is a step in the server connect to insert a new message in the chat containing a button.

The button is bearing the text of the name of the uploaded files.

It is supposed that on click the button, a sign download SC starts and you download the file.

I set a variable in the SC containing the HTML code to get the button and all related action.

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the code in the btn_download variable is the following.

{{'<button id="btn_download" class="btn btn-outline-primary btn-sm"  dmx-on:click="sign_download.load({keyfile: '+prefix_01+'})"> '+$_GET.name+' </button>'}}

what I get on the Chrome inspector is the following:

<button id="btn_download" class="btn btn-outline-primary btn-sm" dmx-on:click="sign_download.load({keyfile: 'hubchat/11/16/Senza titolo-1.pdf'})"> Senza titolo-1.pdf </button>

how can I modify the text of the variable to make the button action works? I try to compare with similar button created on the page and sintax seems the same, don’t understand where I have to make modification.

thank you


How do you insert the html in your app, probably the html is not being parsed by app connect.

You can test following code, just place it in a javascript file or include it directly on your page:

dmx.Attribute('html2', 'mounted', function(node, attr) {
    this.$addBinding(attr.value, function(value) {
        this.children.splice(0).forEach(function(child) {
        this.bindings = [];
        node.innerHTML = value || '';

The in your code inject the html like:

<div dmx-html2="serverconnect1.data.buttonCode"></div>

thank you @patrick

I m shy to ask, but… should I put it in the body of the page inside tag ?

and the

in the variable in SC?

You can put the javascript in a script tag, the place doesn’t really matter. You probably use dmx-html now to insert the button html, replace it with dmx-html2.

I just set a value on Server Connect copying inside <button id=“btn_download” …

TypeError: Cannot read property ‘indexOf’ of undefined is back :frowning:

Did you change something in the server action?

I added

on the set value

OK let me try adding the button directly to the table maybe it is better and easier

Could you send me the corrupted action file? Probably the editing of that action step corrupted something in the generated code.

I deleted the Set Value action and it works well…
sorry too late :wink:

Here the original script @patrickupload_s3file.json.zip (1.4 KB)

at the end was easier than expected. Just added button on another cell showing/hiding if in the message there is a file uploaded…

Sorry to make you wast your time @patrick!