Bug with new title bar in fullscreen

The new title bar shows up as expected when not in fullscreen as soon as you enter full screen mode it disappears if you hover up to the top of the screen a Wappler - The visual app creator area is available but there is no project setting or anything in

That is the standard behavior for fullscreen apps - the titlebar gets hidden. If you don’t want that just use maximize instead of full screen.

The options are btw available also as shortcut keys. For project switch it is Alt-O (Opt-O on Mac) and new project is Alt-N (Opt-N on Mac)

Also accessible from the main menu.

But is it really a good idea to have tools that are part of the UI to be hidden? Especially when they were perfectly accessible before?

The UI does look amazing though. Just not sure about putting tools in the header bar if it isn’t always accessible.

CMD-O in full screen mode brings up my Finder window and CMD-N creates a new file not project.?

Edit: Ah, it’s actually Option - N and Option - O not CMD :wink: I can live with that. :beers:

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Also, in relation to shortcuts, on Windows you can use show/hide the title bar with F11. (The shortcut doesn’t seem to work on my Mac but it could be because I have a funny keyboard setup.)

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Good catch - post corrected

It’s no big issue but could we also have the option to open them in the title bar in fullscreen there is no cogs to click etc to open them (unless you use shortcuts)

I feel like this would also be very confusing for new members trying to find settings

But it should reappear when you hover at the top. At the moment it’s the old title bar which reappears when you hover. Can it be the new one instead?

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This done automatically by MacOS and Electron. Will investigate if we can override this.


Maybe have a row at the top which only shows when in full-screen? I guess it means duplicating the title row but would solve the issue.

The meaning of fullscreen is to be as space optimal as possible. So the titlebar gets hidden.

If you need the options just use the maximized state or keyboard shortcuts as explained above.

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True, but they would normally appear when you hover at the top. Full screen doesn’t remove anything, it just hides it unless you specifically move up to it.

I agree the title bar is fine where it is it just needs the options accessible by click in my opinion, especially if all the bottom bar moves into the title bar as some suggested (which only really makes sense or no space is saved unless there’s a different plan)

This has been fixed in Wappler 4 beta 12

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