Bug In Page Flow Editor Sometimes Not Saving Changes

(Using Wappler 2.6.4 on Windows 10)

As I develop and work with a medium sized flow, I am finding the editor is not correctly tracking changes that I make after I have saved. Two situations I have found are:

  1. A renamed Server Connect reverts to the previous name.

  2. Deleted objects re-appear.

An example of (2) is shown below. I’ll try to do this one with logging on and give you folks a log to play with!

(Edit - I re-started Wappler and the deleted objects had now correctly been shown deleted, so no log to show right now!)

(Second edit - it seems that the code in my html file is correctly showing the edits upon save, but the user interface is showing how the flow was before the last set of edits were made and saved).

Best wishes,

(PS - you may ask me to try it out with 2.6.5 but I only want to upgrade my Wappler version around once a month when I hear the version being released is particularly stable…)

We are going to check this.
As for version 2.6.5 it’s a very stable release.

Thanks @Teodor!
It seems that saving the design file also updates the Flow Editor window…

What do you mean by: saving the design file?
And what updates exactly?

Well actually the changes are saved but the bug is that if you directly call the editor again it has the old data.

If you just select something else first it will be all fine.

Sorry for being vague @Teodor… I meant to say if you save the design (ctrl-s) and then open the flow editor again, it shows the correct flow statements.

Fixed in Wappler 5.1.1

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