Bubblers, please start here

Hey guys. I’m a 7-year Bubble expert, building client projects full time today. I’ve played with a lot of other tools including Wappler over the years, just in case Bubble pulls the rug, which they’ve now done.

One thing I learned from Wappler, and I can’t stress this enough, is that we have no future if we don’t learn the basics of web development and we continue to rely on fully nocode platforms. There are basic principles and concepts that we’re missing that make our projects the equivalent of EDM compared to Mozart.

In any case, I guarantee you won’t understand Wappler (and rightly so) until you’ve finished the three free courses from Codecademy: HTML, CSS and JavaScript basics. They also have courses about setting up localhost servers for your website and using VScode but I can’t remember if they’re free. I’ve done these courses and it’s like Kimmy Schmitt leaving the bunker, or Neo taking the red pill, or insert your pop culture reference from your generation here.

We shouldn’t be trying to eliminate the need for code, but we can use tools like Wappler to help us build lightning fast with only a basic understanding of the coding parts.

Go here, spend a week going through the free courses, thank me later when you come back and actually understand how Wappler works.

P.S. I’m still learning myself and I’m a coding beginner. If anyone if interested in setting up a weekly group session on discord or Telegram or whatever to learn together and share our experiences, say “AYE” like a pirate and I’ll set it up.

P.P.S. I’d also recommend learning basic Bash for terminal use to be able to set up your own Linux server when you decide to properly deploy your project. That’s also available on Codecademy

EDIT: changed the above P.P.S. to Bash instead of Python to correct a mistake


Hey there, thanks for your input, but while some really basic CSS knowledge (margins, paddings and colors) can be helpful to get you started fast, why do you think javascript is needed at all? You don’t need to deal with any javascript when using Wappler.

This is also not necessary, Wappler comes with a local NodeJS server, so you don’t have to setup any local servers:

And also Python? No python is ever required with Wappler.


I didn’t say JavaScript or CSS was necessary to USE Wappler. I said it’s necessary to understand how Wappler works. I was missing this knowledge when I started Wappler and it made the workflows very confusing to me. When you know the basics of how JavaScript can send data to a database, for example, with variables and conditions that are coming from JavaScript, you understand way better.

And Python for basic terminal usage really helps with taking your project further, exporting the code and deploying it on your own cloud hosted Linux server, securing your server and setting up all the dependencies etc. It’s not used in Wappler, but it’s what’s needed to be a well rounded developer.

Wappler takes care of this all as well, you don’t need any python to deploy to a cloud hosting:

Yes yes Wappler is the best thing since sliced bread. Forget about learning how to be a responsible and independent web dev who doesn’t rely on a tool created by a private company to do everything for you. It worked out great for Bubble didn’t it?

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I don’t know much yet, but I’m really enjoying this tutorial so I’d recommend including it in the list: Introduction to the course. - YouTube

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The conundrum!

Leave this here to prove this community doesn’t sanction, delete, or ban for nothing…

Or delete this post because it’s misleading…

Have fun! :joy:


For the Bubbler still on the fence, I’m also including this message here:

"I must admit, the reviews are in and the verdict is clear. After a thorough evaluation of over 20 no-code/low-code solutions, I have chosen Wappler to be my development partner of choice.

I thank all who helped me with my inquiries and I am now ready for the exciting journey ahead. With all the information and tutorials at my fingertips, my journey of learning is set to begin. It’s time to embark on my no-code/low-code adventure with Wappler as my trusty guide, I’m sure I’ll reach my destination - creating remarkable web solutions. Here I go! Let the low-coding commence!"

Why Wappler? Those 20+ no-code/low-code solutions have been assessed, and Wappler has emerged as the ultimate winner. From its amazing capabilities to the level of support provided, Wappler is the no-code/low-code tool built with ambitious developers like me in mind. It’s the powerhouse to rule them all - the only choice for high performing digital experiences. And the best part - I just know by the end of my journey I will be rewarded with code that I will actually own.


Can you please explain how Bubble works?

@richard-osborne I believe Wappler community deserves some context, don’t you think?


@richard-osborne, thanks for the post and helping newer Wapplers! Best of luck on becoming a Wappler expert. :slight_smile:

Many of us are here to help support your journey.

It is good to know everything you posted in the long run, although I would say Python is not at all necessary as it’s not used in Wappler. There are many great tutorials on Linux and how to use a terminal though and I think that is what you’re trying to recommend?

Here’s a beginners tut from DigitalOcean.

Interesting chat. :grinning: Can you share a link?

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Yeah. Same. Where is that chat from?


While I understand some of this about understanding how Wappler works you could say this about most things in life though could you not?

How does a car work do you know how every part of your car works and if not do you therefore ever use a car etc

I’m certainly not a very experienced dev I am 22 and have not been doing this long maybe 2 or 3 years and mainly as a hobby. But with Wappler you have flexibility and can learn as you go and once you learn the basics you’re normally able to workout the more challenging things.

As for the community been disrespectful I felt nothing but support here even when I first started wappler asking all sorts of questions whenever I needed advice or was struggling and receiving informative ways to go about my solution I feel this is still the case around here


Just checked. They are going to build the next Bubble or something and are raising funds. Good luck with that.

Then there are a lot of channels about different tools with a lot of people speaking without knowing too much about them.

It’s weird because there is a NestJS channel among them :man_shrugging:t3:

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You’re a great example of the welcoming and warm attitude of some members of the Wappler community eh? Are you trying to prove my point? I stand by everything I say.

Edit: especially my zinger about loving the smell of Dreamweaver’s farts, thanks for including that one :joy:

He just posted some screenshots? What’s the problem with that?

No problem at all, just as assumption about what his intention was in posting it. What do you think his objective was? Not to undermine my credibility as someone who wants to help perhaps? Like I said above, I’m actually a bad egg…

Anyway, i think we’re rooting out the Wapplers who want to keep the community pure and not let these dirty nocoders come in and pollute their lovely tool.

Once they’re tired we can get started sharing the experience of learning this tool and basic development techniques. That’s what the point of this thread was supposed to be, if you want to double check the OP :joy:

Ok Ok just checking.
Just know, that calling an entire community arrogant is probably not the best way to start off :slight_smile:

Eagerly waiting to help you guys. The stronger this community gets the more we all have to gain.