Bootbox confirm - not working on Safari

Wappler Version : 4.9.1
Operating System : Mac M1
Server Model: NodeJS
Database Type: Maria
Hosting Type: AWS Docker

Expected behavior

When you add a Bootbox confirm button, the actions in the THEN steps should be triggered.

Actual behavior

Clicking the OK button triggers the ELSE actions

bump - this has broken quite a few pages. Any chance of a patch-fix?

PHP server model as well. Click Yes, continue, does not do anything.

Is this with Bootstrap 4 or 5?

It’s the new dmxBootbox5 scripts (on a BS5 page - I’ll check with a BS4 project shortly)

BS4 pages, still have the Bootbox5 headers added, which means they have the BS5 classes and don’t close etc.

as reported here:

Remove the bootbox5 head entries for BS4 pages (assuming the old head includes are still present) and it works correctly (inc. on Safari)

The issue has been fixed. The extension update is now available in Wappler as an inline update. You can use the check for updates option if you don’t see it yet in Wappler.

Screenshot 2022-05-25 at 13.07.16

Thanks @Teodor
The inline update works a dream too! :clap:

@bpj @Teodor I have a question. I got this working using the inline flow, just wondering if I have multiple forms, is there a way I can set the boombox confirmation and then call it from any form?

The tutorial makes mention of “You can either create a new flow, in the App Structure and call it later, or create an inline flow to be used just for this form. In our case we will only need the flow for this form, so we click the inline flow button:”, can a new flow in the App structure do this. I am not very familiar with this… any guidance would be appreciated.

I am hoping I can just create the confirmation box once and just call it from any form I like?

Are your forms on the same page?

yes are on the same page. I have them appearing in Modals mostly.

Then you can reuse the same page flow you create in the App Structure.

I didn’t create a flow because I follow the tutorial which used inline. Not sure how to create a page flow?
This is what I have:

Right click in App Structure and add Page Flow …
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